After all, I can’t imagine that there is anywhere else in the world that fans would put so much into travelling to a home game, across an international boundary, negotiating probably the busiest border crossing in the world into the bargain. In any other walk of life, this would probably seem like absolute insanity. But soccer has always commanded this amazing passion in people like nothing else,cheap soccer jerseys and this is really just another example of the lengths that people will go to in order to follow the team they love..

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In contrast, rent from the stadium fell $1.9 million short of expenses in the past fiscal year. The Orioles’ lease allows the team to pay a sum below the actual cost of running the park. The Orioles paid $6.8 million in rent during the year, up from almost $6.56 million the year before, but not enough to cover $8.7 million in operating costs..

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